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Aftermath of the Beck/Medina interview

I’m sure everyone has heard of the infamous interview of Debra Medina by Glenn Beck in which Mrs. Medina allegedly admitted to being a 9/11 “truther.”
Medina later denied that allegation.

Of course, the question remains: who is right?

This interview combined with other instances of candidates being interviewed by less-than-friendly media leads me to two conclusions.

1. Never trust media, even media that you think may be friendly to you.

2. If possible, always make your own recording of any interview. This way any distortions can be revealed as such.

Oh, and by the way, the 9/11 “truthers” are wrong

A much better written look at the interview fiasco.

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Debra Medina denies being a ‘truther’ on KLIF AM.

Debra Medina denies being a ‘truther’ on KLIF AM.

Here is youtube video of Debra Medina being interviewed by Jon-David Wells on KLIF 570 AM in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Listen to the whole thing if you can. Here are the parts to focus on:
I basically paraphrased these except for Part 1 9:28 which I put in blockquote.

Part 1

1:10 – 1:40      Medina stated 9/11 was Muslim terrorists w/ no help from the government

3:00 – 4:14      Medina reiterates that point.

4:28 – 6:12     This came out of left field and caught me by surprise. I’m not a polished politician. If I had time to prepare, I would have had time to research my answer.

6:25-6:39      I thought the question was ‘Do people have an opportunity to question the government?’

9:08 – 9:16     Jon-David Wells: It’s refreshing that you admit to having misunderstood and answered the wrong question.

“I never heard him trying to stop me. I never heard him on my end of the phone. I don’t know what all y’all can do in studio, but I did think that it was kind of odd on that show that I was being given two or three minutes to talk without any kind of interruption finding out from my husband and my daughter after the interview that in fact he was saying ‘Ok, we got your answer. Ok, we got your answer.’ That’s the thing I think, um, whether that was intentional or it was technical difficulty I do not know, but it, it doesn’t feel very good on this end.”

Part 2: 

1:58      I am not a truther, but I support their right to question. We need to question our government.

3:50     Glenn champions questioning the government, so that question was out of left field. I’m glad to have the opportunity to straighten that out.

Now, of course, there’s more than I excerpted here. Please listen to the whole thing for context.

Basically though, Medina says that she is NOT a ‘9/11 truther.’


Based on this, there are three possible conclusions that I can see:

1. Glenn Beck or his staff ambushed Debra Medina with an unexpected question, then deliberately manipulated the audio to make it look like was saying something that she was not.

2. Debra Medina could hear Mr. Beck trying to stop her from rambling. If true, then she was lying to Jon-David Wells.

3. There was an audio glitch. Mrs. Medina was telling the truth when she said that she could not hear Mr. Beck. This was not deliberate, his staff was not trying to manipulate her. Of course, it would still remain to be seen whether or not he ambushed her with a completely unexpected question.

Why the 9/11 “truthers” are wrong


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