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Robin Hood supported lower taxes, not higher

People on the left often use Robin Hood as a metaphor for their socialist “wealth redistribution” schemes and power grabs. However, what people don’t realize about Robin Hood was that he stole from the rich POLITICIANS to give to the poor TAXPAYERS. Robin Hood advocated less taxation, not more (in other words, tax cuts for those who pay taxes).

Here’s the recap of the legend: King Richard was away, and England was ruled by his jerk of a brother, John. Prince John and his cronies decided to increase taxes on the working folks of England, so they could have some fun. In came Robin of Loxley, who believed that the hard working folks of England should be allowed to keep the fruits of their labor. Robin Hood was not opposed to government (he supported the lawful king), but rather to tyrannical government and confiscatory taxation.

“Well,” you might say, “The government would not be taxing to further their own lifestyle, but rather to help the poor.” Remember, the goal of a politician is to get reelected and obtain more power and influence. When government programs are continually expanded, the main reason is to buy votes and allow the politicians to remain in power. Politicians also seem to always find a way to exempt themselves and their cronies from many of the requirements of the regulatory and tax burdens they impose on others. Whenever reform of these leviathan programs is proposed, the socialist politician cries that the reformer is trying to hurt the poor/elderly/kids. Thus, a never-ending cycle of greed, corruption, and waste is perpetuated.

Taking wealth away from those who produce it does nothing to address the root causes of poverty and actually hurts the overall economy by punishing achievement and discouraging excellence. When success is taxed, success is discouraged. History has repeatedly shown that lower taxes provide a better foundation for economic stability and general prosperity.

Robin of Loxley returned the money to the taxpayers from whom it was unjustly stolen by a tyrannical government. Robin Hood was a tax protester.

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