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I had some more fun over on icanhascheezburger.

Yes, that means, that I am the one who made this LOL.

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Watching the economy?

Well, well, well. It seems the good folks at the Securities and Exchange Commission have been busy. You may remember the stock market’s recent downturn starting in 2008. It seems that during that year, plenty of folks at the SEC weren’t watching the market. Instead they were busy watching porn.

This is wonderful fodder for parody, so here is my latest creation:
Instead of watching the market, they were watching porn. Government jobs - aren't they great?

Now, I’m not going to tell them that they can’t pursue “adult” entertainment on their own time (though I do reserve the right to tell them that they shouldn’t). However, they did so on the clock. Since it was a government job, then that means that they were getting paid to watch porn with our money.

Good grief. I always knew big government was obscene, but I didn’t know it was literally so. Of course, this also brings to mind a hardware-based euphemism that is often used to describe what the government does to taxpayers. If you are really that curious: it’s not a nail. What, did you think I would spell it out? I do try to keeep it family friendly around here.

Now, I don’t know what effect it would have had if they had been working on the clock instead of… um… engaging in extracurricular activities. Could they have stopped the collapse? Who knows.

Of course, knowing the big government philosophy of the folks in DC, they’ll probably say that the cure is more government. Oh, yeah… they’ll probably blame Bush or Republicans or Conservatives for this, too.

ABC News – Workers Spent Hours on Porn Sites Instead of Stopping Fraud
MichelleMalkin.com – What the SEC watchdogs were watching

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Audi’s Greenstapo Super Bowl Ad

Did you get a chance to see Audi’s Greenstapo Super Bowl ad?

Some people saw this as satire of the enviostatist fanatics, others were seriously creeped out. Put me down in the “creeped out” camp. Not only was the video an affront to me as a free man, it was scary.

When the Tripods Came
In this science fiction book for kids, the Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials in three legged craft. However, the aliens do not invade in the traditional manner. They use a pirate TV signal to broadcast “The Trippy Show.” The show begins as pure fluff entertainment, then gradually transitions to propaganda. In the beginning, there is a tripod character that dances in the background of the show. Eventually, the tripod transitions to a heroic character. This has the effect of slowly getting the human population used to the idea of the tripods. First, they are depicted as silly, then gradually as noble.

This technique can be quite effective: get the masses used to the idea by making fun of it, then gradually transition to treating it seriously and heroically.

The comments on the youtube video are illuminating. Some think this is a joke, others are creeped out, but then there are the others. Quite a few posters seem to think that the Envirosocialist police state depicted would be a good idea. People like that make me fear for the future of human liberty.

Hoard incandescents.

Added Feb 10, 2009

Something else bothered me about the video and some people’s enthusiastic response to it.

I started thinking about the real horrors that people inflict upon each other: murder, rape, assault, molestation, kidnapping, abuse, armed robbery…
Can throwing away a plastic bottle come anywhere close to that?

Does using an incandescent light bulb equal selling cocaine to a child?

Is using a plastic grocery bag the same as robbery, embezzlement, or even kicking a dog?

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Pass the Buck

Here’s a little photoshop fun I had. It’s a parody of the famous “Pass it on” billboards by The Foundation for a Better Life.

Blames George Bush. Every Chance he gets.

No disrespect for the billboards (which are good, for the most part) is intended.

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