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Old Liberal Slogan – Revisited.

Anyone else remember the old Liberal bumper sticker slogan about the Air Force having to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber?

How about this:

Won’t it be a great day when taxpayers keep all the money they earn and Congress has to hold a bake sale to pay for their pork?

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Obama’s Sob Story

In a recent press conference, President Obama told a (presumably hypothetical) sob story that, to him, illustrated why no one should be allowed to be without health insurance.  He spoke of a man who chose to not have insurance who experienced a medical catastrophe and woke up in the hospital to find himself $10,000 in debt.

If President Obama cares so much about people getting in massive debt then why is he in the process of continually increasing the national debt? Why is he increasing the debt that each of us must pay off, though we did not authorize it, though we demanded they not pursue it. Does he not care that every baby born in this country is born a debtor?



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