Here’s the stuff other people have said. If you want the things I said, go to Musings.

This is a free country and I have the permits, licenses, stamps, tags, stickers, background checks and tax receipts to prove it.
– found on internet

Secondhand liberalism has harmed a lot more people than secondhand smoke.
– Jerry Doyle (radio show) ~April 18, 2010

Politicians sometimes forget they’re appointed instead of anointed.
– seen in a BBQ joint.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed not to control guns but to control blacks.
– gun control advocate Robert Sherrill

The odd thing about gun control is that a culture of censorship often increases after anti gun laws fail to deliver.
Only a “thought control” culture can sustain a “gun control” culture
“America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun control mistake” by Ben-Peter Terpstra

A communist is someone that reads Marx and Lenin. An anti-communist is someone that understands Marx and Lenin.
– Ronald Reagan

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