Here I post random thoughts too small to become posts of their own.
This is not a quotes page, since everything here was said by me (plus a couple by my wife), though I can’t guarantee that someone else didn’t say something similar.

The fantasy of socialism and communism: everything belongs to everybody.
The reality of socialism and communism: everything belongs to the government.

When the government WIPES your rear end,
The government OWNS your rear end.

A libertine tyranny is just as tyrannical as a puritan tyranny.

Owning a gun is not about violence. It’s about liberty – if you don’t get it, that’s fine, but DON’T infringe MY liberty.

The “lottery for education” is a sneaky way to make the poor pay for public schools.

If Al Gore really believed in manmade global warning, he’d be living in a 10ft x 10ft hut.

Inflation is a tax on the poor.

Only a liberal could take the right to live your life in peace and call it a “negative liberty.”

Nanny state laws are like heroin to tyrants and tyrant wannabes.

Government must be limited to prevent the damage that power-hungry people can do if they attain office.

“When you build an altar to safety, the sacrifice is freedom.” – my wife

I love reading gun magazines in public. It identifies me to my fellow lovers of liberty. Tweaking the statists is just a bonus.

The real American Revolution happened long before 1776. It started when people moved here from Europe and discovered that they could get along just fine without kings, princes, and other “nobility.”

Those who can… do.
Those who can’t… run for office.

Beware of second-hand liberalism.
(similar to quote by Jerry Doyle on his radio show)

If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you are free, thank a soldier.
If you have a job, thank a capitalist.

The only time that liberals start talking about civility is when we have them on the run.

Karl Marx was a lazy bum who sponged off Engels.
That should tell you all you need to know about socialism.

Socialism – the deep seated fear that someone is running their own life more effectively than the government could.

Murder is illegal, not to prevent GOOD people from murdering, but so that murderers may be punished. Good people obey that law whether it is the law or not. Those inclined to murder already don’t care about that law.

Anyone who rails against profit does not understand economics and has no business commenting on such.

Leftist logic: A bad guy did something. Let’s punish law abiding citizens for it.

Leftist logic: A bad guy killed someone. Let’s punish law abiding gun owners for it.

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