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The War on Energy Continues

It should come as no surprise, really.

Back in 2008, President Obama made the now infamous comment: “…under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

It looks like they can’t wait for cap and trade. They must want electricity rates to skyrocket now. They’ve been doing their best to destroy the oil industry. Now they’ve fired a broadside at the coal industry.

Obama Coal Crackdown Sends Message to Industry
The EPA has revoked the permits for a West Virginia coal mine. obviously, this goes way beyond simply failing to grant new permits.
Even the state’s two Senators (who are both Democrats) are outraged over this. West Virginia’s coal industry is a major part of the state’s economy. Senator Manchin has issued a statement condemning the EPA’s actions as unprecedented and irresponsible. His statement also mocked the EPA.

According to the EPA, it doesn’t matter if you did everything right, if you followed all of the rules. Why? They just change the rules.

A Few Thoughts:

This action will hurt the economy of West Virginia directly through the mining industry and indirectly through energy prices. The economy of West Virginia is already one of the poorest in the nation. Gee, I thought Democrats were supposed to want to help the poor, not hurt them.

This action will hurt the economy of the whole nation through energy prices. West Virginia exports both coal and electricity to other states. Oil prices are still high and growing. Rising energy prices helped cause this Great Recession. Despite all the talk of “recovery,” we are not yet recovered. Another shock could seriously harm the whole economy.

Senator Manchin’s statement described the EPA’s actions as “…a shocking display of overreach…” Overreach, yes. Shocking, no. Democrats, liberals, progressives, envirosocialists, et cetera have been overreaching for a long time. Get in line. You certainly are not the first to notice this Senator. You won’t be the last. My only hope is that he is genuinely outraged and not just posturing. Who knows, maybe he’ll open his eyes a little more and see the ever-increasing overreach that his party so very is guilty of.


You call it overreach, I call it tyranny.

But what the EPA doesn’t seem to understand is that this decision has ramifications that reach far beyond coal mining in West Virginia.

I think that they do understand. They just don’t care.

According to the EPA, it doesn’t matter if you did everything right, if you followed all of the rules. Why? They just change the rules.

This is nothing new. They have been doing this to us for a long time.

However, the EPA has never before attempted to veto a previously awarded and active permit.

Precedent does not matter to the statist. They defy precedent all the time with impunity. Then, their unprecedented action becomes the new precedent that all must follow or else. Conservatives are always bound by precedent, progressives never are.

The EPA is jeopardizing thousands of jobs

Nothing new here.

sending a message to every business and industry that the federal government has no intention of honoring past promises and that no investment is safe.

Well, duh. This has been the M.O. of this President and his party since they took power.

That message will destroy not only our jobs, but our way of life

Sounds like “fundamantally transforming” America to me.

The EPA’s decision to retroactively veto the permit casts serious doubt on the future of this project.

Ex post facto law, maybe?

Blakeman says it sends a chilling message to other industries about the power of the Federal government.

Again, I call it tyranny. Tyranny is very often arbitrary, overturning established rules, precedents, agreements, and anything else it desires on a whim. This is the opposite of what a society needs to be stable, free, and prosperous.

He suggests that it will be up to the other two branches of our government , the courts and the Congress to decide whether the EPA’s revocation of this permit , and perhaps others, stands.

This is one of the many reasons why our founders gave us a system of checks and balances. For too long, they Congress has abdicated its authority to various executive branch agancies staffed with unelected bureaucrats. Now would be a great time to defund the EPA.

Mingo Logan Coal Company was poised to invest $250 million dollars in the Spruce Mine project, which would have created approximately 200 well-paying jobs with benefits.

(emphasis mine)
There go the statists again, killing jobs left and right.
These statists are under the delusion that government can and does create jobs, so this will all magically go away when Obama mystically creates jobs with the money from his stash.

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How I Spent “Earth Hour” 2010

Yes, I know it’s been a while since March 27. I just finished putting this video together and so here it is:
How I spent “Earth Hour” 2010 by turning on every light in the house (and a few outside).

Some enviro stick-in-the-mud is going to be offended by this. I’m more offended by the nanny-statist mentality that seeks to take away my freedom in order to satisfy the demands of enviro-socialist watermelons (green on the outside, but red on the inside).

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America bashing open borders hypocrisy

I don’t have any intention of doing video blogging on a regular basis, but every now and then, I have something to say that just strikes me on the spot wherever I am.
This is an older piece that I have had on my youtube account for a while and decided to post it here just in case anyone cared to see it.

Transcript: (just in case you don’t want to play the video)

Hey, you know the bash-America crowd is often times the same as the open-borders-let-everybody-in-no-restrictions crowd.

That kind of amazes me because if America is just this awful horrible place “Oh, it’s just so bad, it’s so bad” then why do they want to let these people in?

I mean, my goodness! If you have any compassion for those people at all you’d say: “No! Stay out! Stay out! America’s bad! No, you don’t want to come here!”

This kind of hypocrisy just kind of amazes me.

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Sharpton admits Obama is Socialism

He actually admitted it.

Are we allowed to use that word again now? Is the left going to stop lying and saying that it is “code for racism.”

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Elect Anyone Butt Harry Reid

Here’s me reading “Harry Reid” (by Jack Norcross) accompanied by pictures of the trailer I saw the poem on.

I took the trailer photos Elko, NV.
I took the sign photo in Alamo, NV

poem by Jack Norcross
photos by Greg Irwin
I have no connection with Jack Norcross, I just saw the trailer while travelling.

"Harry Reid" by Jack Norcross

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Debra Medina denies being a ‘truther’ on KLIF AM.

Debra Medina denies being a ‘truther’ on KLIF AM.

Here is youtube video of Debra Medina being interviewed by Jon-David Wells on KLIF 570 AM in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Listen to the whole thing if you can. Here are the parts to focus on:
I basically paraphrased these except for Part 1 9:28 which I put in blockquote.

Part 1

1:10 – 1:40      Medina stated 9/11 was Muslim terrorists w/ no help from the government

3:00 – 4:14      Medina reiterates that point.

4:28 – 6:12     This came out of left field and caught me by surprise. I’m not a polished politician. If I had time to prepare, I would have had time to research my answer.

6:25-6:39      I thought the question was ‘Do people have an opportunity to question the government?’

9:08 – 9:16     Jon-David Wells: It’s refreshing that you admit to having misunderstood and answered the wrong question.

“I never heard him trying to stop me. I never heard him on my end of the phone. I don’t know what all y’all can do in studio, but I did think that it was kind of odd on that show that I was being given two or three minutes to talk without any kind of interruption finding out from my husband and my daughter after the interview that in fact he was saying ‘Ok, we got your answer. Ok, we got your answer.’ That’s the thing I think, um, whether that was intentional or it was technical difficulty I do not know, but it, it doesn’t feel very good on this end.”

Part 2: 

1:58      I am not a truther, but I support their right to question. We need to question our government.

3:50     Glenn champions questioning the government, so that question was out of left field. I’m glad to have the opportunity to straighten that out.

Now, of course, there’s more than I excerpted here. Please listen to the whole thing for context.

Basically though, Medina says that she is NOT a ‘9/11 truther.’


Based on this, there are three possible conclusions that I can see:

1. Glenn Beck or his staff ambushed Debra Medina with an unexpected question, then deliberately manipulated the audio to make it look like was saying something that she was not.

2. Debra Medina could hear Mr. Beck trying to stop her from rambling. If true, then she was lying to Jon-David Wells.

3. There was an audio glitch. Mrs. Medina was telling the truth when she said that she could not hear Mr. Beck. This was not deliberate, his staff was not trying to manipulate her. Of course, it would still remain to be seen whether or not he ambushed her with a completely unexpected question.

Why the 9/11 “truthers” are wrong


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Audi’s Greenstapo Super Bowl Ad

Did you get a chance to see Audi’s Greenstapo Super Bowl ad?

Some people saw this as satire of the enviostatist fanatics, others were seriously creeped out. Put me down in the “creeped out” camp. Not only was the video an affront to me as a free man, it was scary.

When the Tripods Came
In this science fiction book for kids, the Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials in three legged craft. However, the aliens do not invade in the traditional manner. They use a pirate TV signal to broadcast “The Trippy Show.” The show begins as pure fluff entertainment, then gradually transitions to propaganda. In the beginning, there is a tripod character that dances in the background of the show. Eventually, the tripod transitions to a heroic character. This has the effect of slowly getting the human population used to the idea of the tripods. First, they are depicted as silly, then gradually as noble.

This technique can be quite effective: get the masses used to the idea by making fun of it, then gradually transition to treating it seriously and heroically.

The comments on the youtube video are illuminating. Some think this is a joke, others are creeped out, but then there are the others. Quite a few posters seem to think that the Envirosocialist police state depicted would be a good idea. People like that make me fear for the future of human liberty.

Hoard incandescents.

Added Feb 10, 2009

Something else bothered me about the video and some people’s enthusiastic response to it.

I started thinking about the real horrors that people inflict upon each other: murder, rape, assault, molestation, kidnapping, abuse, armed robbery…
Can throwing away a plastic bottle come anywhere close to that?

Does using an incandescent light bulb equal selling cocaine to a child?

Is using a plastic grocery bag the same as robbery, embezzlement, or even kicking a dog?

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