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Spread the word about Marizela

Conervative blogger Michelle Malkin’s cousin is missing. Let’s light up the web in hopes someone who knows something will say something. In the meantime, let’s pray for Marizela’s safe return.

Missing: Marizela Perez
Searching for Marizela: An update
Marizela Perez: Still missing
Searching for Marizela: Video surveillance screen shots

Other Malkinites and various media outlets are helping spread the word.
Media:Seattle Times
KOMO radio’s John Carlson and KOMO TV’s Shomari Stone
Jeff Setaro
David Boze

Pray pray pray pray pray!

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What is “historic”?

I’m sick and tired of hearing people blather on and on about how “historic” the health care takeover is. Historic doesn’t mean good.

9/11 was historic.
Pearl Harbor was historic.
Kristallnacht was historic.
the Alamo was historic.

That doesn’t mean they were good.

Passing something this blatantly unconstitutional and tyrannical against incredible public opposition is certainly historic. That doesn’t mean that this is a good thing.

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