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I had some more fun over on icanhascheezburger.

Yes, that means, that I am the one who made this LOL.

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Watching the economy?

Well, well, well. It seems the good folks at the Securities and Exchange Commission have been busy. You may remember the stock market’s recent downturn starting in 2008. It seems that during that year, plenty of folks at the SEC weren’t watching the market. Instead they were busy watching porn.

This is wonderful fodder for parody, so here is my latest creation:
Instead of watching the market, they were watching porn. Government jobs - aren't they great?

Now, I’m not going to tell them that they can’t pursue “adult” entertainment on their own time (though I do reserve the right to tell them that they shouldn’t). However, they did so on the clock. Since it was a government job, then that means that they were getting paid to watch porn with our money.

Good grief. I always knew big government was obscene, but I didn’t know it was literally so. Of course, this also brings to mind a hardware-based euphemism that is often used to describe what the government does to taxpayers. If you are really that curious: it’s not a nail. What, did you think I would spell it out? I do try to keeep it family friendly around here.

Now, I don’t know what effect it would have had if they had been working on the clock instead of… um… engaging in extracurricular activities. Could they have stopped the collapse? Who knows.

Of course, knowing the big government philosophy of the folks in DC, they’ll probably say that the cure is more government. Oh, yeah… they’ll probably blame Bush or Republicans or Conservatives for this, too.

ABC News – Workers Spent Hours on Porn Sites Instead of Stopping Fraud – What the SEC watchdogs were watching

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I’m in ur base, gettin a photo op.

Recently, President Obama went to Osan Air Base (a US military base in South Korea). While there, he opened his mouth and admitted his true reason for going there:

“You guys make a pretty good photo op,”

Of course, this just begged for me to make a LOL.

Im in ur base  gettin a photo op
moar funny pictures

Michelle Malkin’s take on this.
Washington Post
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Pass the Buck

Here’s a little photoshop fun I had. It’s a parody of the famous “Pass it on” billboards by The Foundation for a Better Life.

Blames George Bush. Every Chance he gets.

No disrespect for the billboards (which are good, for the most part) is intended.

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1787 US Constitution Flag

1787 Constitution Flag

1787 Constitution Flag

The Flag of the Alamo, also known as the 1824 Flag is believed to be the one that flew over the Alamo during the battle there.  The date 1824 references the Mexican Constitution of 1824, which the government under President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was not honoring.


The 1787 flag is a variation on the Unites States flag, with the date 1787 added, referencing the date of the adoption of the US constitution.  (Note: The U.S. Constitution was not finally ratified until 1788.)

Now, I have to say that by referencing the Alamo, I am certainly not advocating any kind of violence or revolution.  I designed this flag to represent my support for The United States Constitution and my desire that all elected officials would truly seek to honor and obey it.

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