Greg Irwin…  follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, American, Texan, ADDer, sometime guitar player, power tool enthusiast, nerd extrordinaire, insomniac.

I’m one of those Christians they warned you about 🙂  Theologically, I’m conservative. Politically, I am conservative/libertarian/originalist.  I like many kinds of music. I love music obsessively. I have ADD.  I love to read.  Some of my friends think I’m profound, others think I’m an idiot… I’ll let you judge for yourself. 

Don’t believe the liberal lies. The fact that I’m a conservative Christian does NOT mean that I want a theocracy. Quite the opposite, I believe that a theocracy would corrupt the church.

I love the USA and Texas. 

I think Texas Barbecue and Dublin Dr Pepper is the greatest meal in the universe.

I occasionally write music.  Maybe I’ll share it sometime.

Follow me on twitter: @gmirwin

My youtube channel.

My Political Philosophy in a Nutshell

Ye Olde Comment Policy

**NOTE** The part that says “idol of millions” is a joke. Please don’t make me have to explain it to you.

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