Obama’s Religion

There has been furious debate over President Obama’s religion. Many people believe that the President is a Muslim. Others defend his claim that he is a Christian. Ann Coulter asserts that Obama is an atheist.

However, I believe that all of them are wrong. President Obama’s religion is Narcissism… his god is self. Barack Obama worships Barack Obama. Now, I’m not the first to point out Mr. Obama’s hyper-inflated ego, but I think this goes far beyond that. The pattern of behavior is clear. He is his own god.

Added 9/12/2010
Regarding Mr. Obama’s purported Christianity, if he is indeed something akin to a Christian, then he is a heretic. He has repeatedly spoken of “collective salvation.” This is not a Christian doctrine. He may be a deist or a theist, but he is not a Christian. This doctrine comes from “liberation theology” which is basically Karl Marx wearing a Jesus mask. I suppose you could call him a “Liberation Theologist.”

One of the central tenets of Christianity is humility. Certainly, anyone who is capable of enduring the limelight will have the appearance of arrogance, if not actual arrogance. However, I believe that the President’s behavior demonstrates something beyone mere vanity.

I think that Narcissism as a religion is more prevalent than most people would believe. There are many people whose self love goes beyond mere conceit to become the primary virtue in their own eyes. I would assert that many people in this egotistical age view their self-esteem as being one of the greatest things to be pursued. Certainly, egotism has always been among us, but our culture has been pushing self-esteem to an unhealthy extreme for decades now. Children are coddled and insulated from the real world. They are taught that their value comes from their opinion of themselves, rather than from their personhood. It was inevitable that we would have a President who embodied this fault sooner or later. It just happened to be Barack Obama.

I suppose it is possible that he suffers from mere vanity or even Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Certainly, I am not the first to observe that. Many power-hungry politicians and celebrities are narcissistic, at least to some degree. Our media-driven culture sees to that. The unconstitutional growth of government over the past century has also encouraged this phenomenon.

Added 9/13/2010
Just a few areas of arrogance off the top of my head:

President Obama has refused to release his academic record.
President Obama publically rebuked the Supreme Court in this year’s State of the Union Address, an unprecedented move.
President Obama will single out a specific opponent for attack. In theory, this is not unique to him, but he seems to be doing this with a greater frequency. He seems to be making the attacks personal, rather than based on a disagreement on policy. Also, he has chosen media opponents, such as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for personal attack.
President Obama repeatedly blames George W. Bush even two years into his Presidency.
President Obama has also repeatedly referred to the deficit that he inherited from Bush while neglecting to mention that he voted for that spending while in the Senate. He also failed to mention that he has added to that deficit as President and doubled our national debt.

Added 7/11/2011

President Obama gave 41 speeches from January 1, 2009 to September 23, 2009. In those 41 speeches, he referred to himself 1,198 times. That’s yet another sign that points to his extreme egotism.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2009/09/23/dan-gainor-obama-speeches-ego/

Further resources:
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12 responses to “Obama’s Religion

  1. another trope

    Putting aside the fact that the nature of our election process (not to mention national politics in general) will always produce presidents with a hyper-inflated ego, what is this pattern that is clear that it leads to the conclusion “he is his own god.”

    And this is an interesting statement coming from someone who claims to be an “idol of millions [of] Christians.”

    • gmirwin

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you accidentally misread my brief “autobiography.”

      It does NOT say: “idol of millions [of] Christians.”
      It says: “husband, father, idol of millions” (hard return) “Christian, American, Texan.”

      It’s a joke. I had thought that the irony would be obvious. I’m just a normal guy with a normal life, not a celebrity. You’ve never heard of me. That’s the joke.

      As for the President’s pattern, I refer to his constant arrogant behavior. I suppose he could be an Atheist as Coulter has suggested, but he is definitely not a Christian.

      • another trope

        thanks for the benefit of doubt – i did misread it.. I was also being a little flippant with the remark.

        Sorry, I don’t see this constant arrogant behavior. Example maybe, since it is so “constant” there should be plenty to choose from. Although I would suspect that when someone listens to someone they disagree with, he or she is more likely to perceive the speaker as being arrogant.

        I would add that even if he is someone who has excessive pride in himself, this does not necessarily mean he truly believes he is own god. It could just mean that he is doing poorly aligning his state of mind with his spiritual heart. As far as I know most Christians are not perfect and fall short in how they act, speak and think when applied to ideals of what it means to be a good Christian.

      • gmirwin

        You’re welcome. I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even politicians with whom I disagree.

        As I stated in my addition above, I do not believe that President Obama is a genuine Christian. His belief in the tenets of Liberation Theology preclude that. Liberation Theology is derived from Christianity, but has diverged sufficienty for me to consider it a separate faith. Since he is not within the boundaries of Christianity, I was trying to determine what his beliefs truly are. Simply stating that one is a Christian does not make it so any more than stating that one is a fire engine does.

        I added a few examples of what I percieve as President Obama’s arrogance to the body of the article.

  2. The Center Square

    Do you think he is a Christian?

    • gmirwin

      No, I do not. Ultimately, I cannot know the condition of his soul, but his professed beliefs and his actions have led me to believe that he is not.

  3. And your evidence for this claim is…what, exactly?

    Other than the fact you clearly don’t like the man.

    • gmirwin

      My opinion of Barack Obama as a person is irrelevant to this discussion. I’m sure he is a good husband and father. However, my opinion of him as President is based on his effect on my country, my loved ones, and my liberty. He has increased the size, scope, budget, and intrusion of the federal government. So, yeah, that will tend to give me a low opinion of his Presidency.

      I have never claimed that he is unique in his narcissistic behavior. Certainly, many in politics and media would tend toward that extreme.

      In this ego-driven, self-esteem seeking culture we live in, there are many people who seek their own validation as a primary virtue, if not the primary virtue. I would argue that these people worship Self as a god. Some of them are functional monotheists, seeking only or primarily self. Others are functional polytheists who seek self among many other idols.

  4. jean-philippe

    Then I guess he attends the sermons of Glenn Beck or study the words of Sarah Palin – the great leaders of the narcissist cult.

  5. jean-philippe

    Of course, extended healthcare coverage is far more intrusive than the Patriot act.

    • gmirwin

      You make the mistake of assuming that everyone on the right is 100% behind the Patriot Act.

      Anyway, at least the Patriot Act relates to National Defense, which is a legitimate function of Congress according to the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution which allows the federal government to micromanage a specific industry.

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