America bashing open borders hypocrisy

I don’t have any intention of doing video blogging on a regular basis, but every now and then, I have something to say that just strikes me on the spot wherever I am.
This is an older piece that I have had on my youtube account for a while and decided to post it here just in case anyone cared to see it.

Transcript: (just in case you don’t want to play the video)

Hey, you know the bash-America crowd is often times the same as the open-borders-let-everybody-in-no-restrictions crowd.

That kind of amazes me because if America is just this awful horrible place “Oh, it’s just so bad, it’s so bad” then why do they want to let these people in?

I mean, my goodness! If you have any compassion for those people at all you’d say: “No! Stay out! Stay out! America’s bad! No, you don’t want to come here!”

This kind of hypocrisy just kind of amazes me.


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