Why the 9/11 “truthers” are wrong

I was thinking about the 9/11 “truthers” and something just occurred to me. I’m sure that I’m not the first person to think of this, but here it is:

To my knowledge of the “9/11 truth” movement, there are basically two kinds of theories:
1. The government perpetrated 9/11 with little or no help from al-Qaeda.
2. The government induced/partnered with al-Qaeda to get them to perpetrate 9/11.

If this were true, then why did al-Qaeda claim responsibility for 9/11. Osama bin Laden is a smart guy. Surely he would know that if our government were truly responsible for the attacks, that knowledge would be more devastating to the American citizenry than any number of terrorist attacks. Why then would he not reveal such knowledge?

If Osama were not responsible, then all he had to do was release a video saying: “Hey, you have the wrong guy. Look, I don’t like you American devils, but I didn’t do those attacks. Your own government did that to you.” That statement would have caused serious damage to the U.S. if uttered in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Of course, if they said it now, it would just look erratic.

Oh, and by the way, Debra Medina is NOT a truther.


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9 responses to “Why the 9/11 “truthers” are wrong

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  3. From what I understand, 9/11 truth is for an unbiased, fair investigation. There is evidence to suggest an inside job is possible, and some would go as far as to say it, but it does not make the vast majority of the people (reported 84 percent?)suggest it was an inside job, only that they are not convinced that there has been enough evidence. Beck has tried to paint all who doubt with a broad brush, and that is not fair or ethical. To stereotype all those that questions as a danger is also irresponsible, and childish. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach to think it has come down to labelling people. The best comment I have heard lately is why the big deal? What is it about questioning 9/11 makes many political types very nervous? Is there something to hide. Drawing attention to it only serves to give it credibility. And, I also saw a clip from the BBC in the UK reporting how Al- Qaeda was an invention of the CIA, used as a tool. Bin Laden was actually an ally of the US, and has now conveneintly been used as a scapegoat. He actually is on record as saying he did not have anything to do with the attacks. At the same time, he says in the US, there is a “government within a government”, which we could take as meaning there are powers that are in control for other purposes aside from the benefit of the people.

  4. gmirwin

    If Osama claims that he is not responsible for 9/11, then why hasn’t anyone heard of that? If someone were falsely accusing me of something, I would shout it from the rooftops. This is the age of alternative media. If he is innocent, he should release more of his infamous videos, but this time, claim innocence.

  5. gmirwin

    I also have a problem with the people who keep asking the questions that have already been answered and with the dumb statements.

    Rosie “fire doesn’t melt steel” O’Donnell comes to mind. If fire can’t melt steel, then how do they make steel? I have seen structural steel melted by fire in a building that burned in the town where I live.

  6. Ian

    Where to begin….(1)The last Bin Laden tape authenticated by any intelligence agency came out in October of 2001 and in it OBL (AKA Tim Osman) claimed he had nothing to do with attacks. All other tapes, video and/or audio, since then were fakes, or at the very least, no one in the CIA is willing to say that OBL appears on any of them. (2)As reported by ALL WORLD PRESS except in the US, UK, and Canada, Osama Bin laden died on December 14 or 15 2001 – he can’t release any more tapes. (3) “To my knowledge”…its a good thing you included that caveat, because your knowledge is demonstrably meager. Your “two basic theories” theory is just that: yours. Neither one is shared by any legitimate self-respecting 9/11 activist. The “US Government,” as such, had nothing to do with 9/11. However, a cabal of Zionist criminals loyal to the so-called “state” of Israel (you know, the one with the long history of staging terror attcks to be blamed on others?) within the WH, Pentagon, D0D/J, FBI &c. most certainly did and if you had any genuine interest in learning about the significance of 9/11, instead of making light of legitimate criticism of the those who rightfully question the rationality and and consistency with phsycial laws of the universe of USG’s official “boxcutter” conspiracy theory, AT THE EXPENSE OF 3000 DEAD AMERICANS, you would already know that.
    As I said, if you had any interest in 9/11 beyond the conceit of your percieved “conservatism,” you would already know that 9/11 was perpetrated by Israel along with criminally complicit & treasonous elements within USG and sundry private interests. When it comes to any crime, if you want to know who did it, you need only ask yourself one question: who benefits? Did the USG, as such, benefit from 9/11? No. Did Muslims or Arabs benefit from 9/11? If you think they did, you have a twisted definition of “benefit.” There is only one entity that benefitted from 9/11 and that is the Zionist entity, which has a long history of killing Americans and blaming it on others (USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Beirut Barracks, etc etc). Why would Israel fight her own wars if she could just trick the dumb Goyim in America into bringing down Iraq for Her?
    Such an offhand analysis of ANYTHING regarding 9/11, like the one you posted above, betrays a lack of all the real hall marks of conservatism like thoughtfulness (not glibness), skepticism (not unflagging acceptance of everything your lying Judeo-phile media and government tells you) and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH (not herd-mentality or “good-little-johnny-wants-to-please-daddy-government -style” citizenship). Forshame. Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss this further, see the evidence of Israeli involvement, or challenge anything I have said.

    • gmirwin


      I let you have your ranting even though this is my blog and I don’t have to do so.

      Others have replied to your arguments better than I so here’s a litle bit extra:
      This was a small additional argument to an already overwhelming case. For you to act as though you have defeated the truth with your rambling shows a lack of understanding.
      Also, your insulting tone will do nothing to convince others of your cause.

      • gmirwin

        Here’s a little more:
        It looks to me like you didn’t really read my post. I’ll rephrase it.

        If Osama really did release a tape denying involvement with 9/11, then why has nobody heard about it outside of your conspiracy community. This is the age of the internet, youtube, wikileaks, wiki-everything. As the hackers say: “Information wants to be free.” Keeping secrets is harder than ever. Just think of all the people who get embarassed when relatives or coworkers find their old semi-naked photos. The web is full of backups, mirrors, and redundant information. The good guys have a near-impossible task keeping terrorist web sites at bay.

        If such information were true, then Osama and pals would be idiots for allowing the frame job to continue. They should spam everybody’s email and social networking with this news until everyone gets the point.

      • gmirwin

        By the way, your racist Jewphobia makes me sick. You are a bigot. Israel would be STUPID to attack us. We are the ONLY friend they have in the world. Israel is not stupid.

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