My Political Philosophy in a Nutshell

Here’s my political philosophy in a nutshell. Naturally, it’s a work in progress.


Our freedoms are a gift from God. Anyone who unjustly deprives another of liberty is guilty of sinning against that person and against God. The fact that someone isn’t living the way you want them to does not constitute just cause.

Law and government exist to protect the rights of the individual.

There should be enough government to stop or catch the bad guys and prevent foreign invation, but not so much as to burden the people with unnecessary taxes and regulations.

Government is best done as close to the local level as possible.

Government must be limited to prevent the damage that power-hungry people can do if they attain office.

The government is not our nanny to wipe our noses and kiss our boo-boos. Nanny state laws are like heroin to tyrants and tyrant wannabes.

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